C.6 Increase engagement and growth

The Challenge

Validate increasing engagement and growth through telematic test drives

We had previously introduced telematic car insurance, where customers could save on their car insurance, depending on their driving skills measured by the app.

Our long-term goal was always to deliver a more fair pricing structure, based on the development of the driving behaviour, and the customer feedback we got supported this. The first version was limited to a one-time offer, and mainly targeted to new customers. We wanted to change this while allowing customers more control of their monthly premiums. Besides this, we wanted to validate our assumption that higher user engagement would result in more organic growth through referrals shared.

In our first version we had promised customers that they would be able to take another yearly test drive, so our first task was to make test drives expire after the first year, and then make it possible for existing and new customers to take new test drives, whenever they wanted, as long as they do not have an active test drive running.

This meant that when a customer finished a test drive, they would receive a discount with a 365-day discount period, that they could renew whenever they wanted. The new discount would then take the place of the previous one, but not affect their base price.

We saw an uptick in the amount of test drives per customer and only a small amount of current customers churned when their discount ran out. Most users opted to renew it through a test drive, which led to higher engagement and an increase in organic growth.

My Role
Design lead
User research
User experience
User interface
User testing
Quality assurance
Discovery cyle

Test drive activcation, first score, celebration screen, and dashboard

Test drive entry point, explainers and opt in for location

An example of the comparison experience, which was used as a part of the user test, handover and stakeholder presentation.

Flows, component handover and prototype for user test