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Jonas Bundgaard

Hi, I'm a freelance  Graphic & Digital Product Designer based in Copenhagen Berlin

          My goal is to design meaningful experiences that respect users and meet business needs

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The Why           

I'm an experienced Product Designer with a demonstrated history of working with UI/UX in the startup world. But hey, I'm also a really easy going guy with a passion for sourdough bread, justice, knitting/embroidery, mindfullness, human & animal rights.

I like a good challenge, and I enjoy to solve problems, nitpicking details and see the right concept unfold visually. My goal is to design meaningful experiences that respect users and meet business needs instead of designing "to sell stuff". I want to make a difference every day.

Featured Work          

Tonsser Football App

UX/UI Design 
/ Visual identity

I’ve had the pleasure of assisting the tonsser team with rough Wireframes / high-fidelity interactive prototyes), conducting core product and feature design, contributing to our multi-platform design system, user flows, handover..

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Paladin Rental App

UX/UI Design
/ Feature Design

Rent and borrow products safe and insured, with the people around you. Make and save money by lending and borrowing camera lenses, Go Pro, camping tents, drills, ladders etc.

I assisted the paladin team with UX/UI Design for a new transaction flow.

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